The Spider Web of Life

As a child, I was raised in a very religious household, and much of my upbringing was based on my family’s religious beliefs. Going to a religious school throughout the formative years of my life definitely had an impact on the my psyche. Deviant behavior was new to me, I didn’t really understand how to be mischievous until I was 8 years old saw my older cousin (15)  smoking with his very pretty girlfriend. Once I found out what they were smoking, I always had questions for him, for years.

“How does smoking make you feel?”

“Why do you do it?”

“Do you think differently after smoking?”

“Is it bad for you?”

And thank goodness for him, because he didn’t mind answering my curious little questions. By the time I was in Junior High School, I was very interesting in learning how to manipulate conversations with people based on the word choice I used. I especially used this often in my household to find out more of my parents views on society, and then I would compare that in my head to what my moral beliefs are.

By high school, I started to be a questioner. I was consistently challenging other people’s viewpoints on matter just to find out why they believe and think certain things. What startled me was the amount of people who didn’t really have opinions, they believed things “because that’s what they were taught,” “that’s just the way it is.” and “they’ve never had a reason not too.” These answers stunned me, and I came to a realization at around 14 years old that people don’t really critically think about their current life and what the whole grand scheme of it is.

It was at this point where I came in contact with my cousin again after years of absence. I spent a week with him at a cabin in the forest talking, but particularly listening to what he has learned over the years. I knew he had a wealth of knowledge that only experience could have given him. He was the type of person who, once he discovered the interworkings of society, he dropped out of college and began a life of trying to acquire wealth, to give himself time, to gain all the wisdom he desires. In doing so, he started to help his father set up a carpet cleaning business brought it from the ground floor to a well established business, I was so proud of his accomplishments, to the point where I started to soak in every word this guy told me. This led me to a late night discussion on parallel universes, also known as multiverses. For those who are unaware, here’s a little Youtube segment on multiple universes. Multiverse


Never hearing of such a concept before, I was in disbelief, and after some explaining, shock. Imagining this idea of their being an infinite number of universes, and an infinite amount of possibilities. Read More

Tribute to the Terence

One of the most mystical minded men of the human generation, Terrence McKenna was an outspoken enthusiast of the expansion of the human mind, and one of my personal heroes. A big advocate for learning of the true self, and the sense of being.

Terence spent much of his life thinking in search of finding meanings. He is completely out of the box in the way he is able to articulate his the thoughts that wrapped his brain. A particular talk that Terence McKenna that rocked my world was his “Stoned Ape” theory. Growing up I learned the theory of evolution pretty extensively, and I adore learning about the different lifestyles of all previous types of hominid creatures before us.

A year ago, when I first started learning about intuition I stumbled upon a talk about multi universes, with a discussion on a new theory of evolution as a recommended video. I watched it, and have completely become a Terence nut since then. Read More

Who do you like that you think I would be into?

A couple of my favorite artists with favorite song include included:

Ab-Soul-Pineal Gland

Kendrick Lamar-How Much a Dollar Cost

Joey Bada$$-95 til Infinity

Capital Steez-Free the Robots

Chance the Rapper-Smoke Again (ft Ab-Soul)

Tyler the Creator-Sandwitches


Please contact me with an anonymous email. I think it is best for your identity to be secure, and I think it is a good idea for people to use random emails when contacting people via the internet. You never who is behind the other screen, and your identity is very important to your well being, be smart and keep it secure. Like I said in the Privacy Area of my site, we do not track you, and we go to zero extent to learn about any of the visitors of our website. This is just a website where you can see what other people are into, and if you share any commonality with me or anyone else. There are more people like you and I out there. We are all pretty normal people, we have just learned of the worldly circumstances and are looking for an outlet for normalcy. That’s why I run this site.

So yea, who do you guys like to listen to that is an intellectual and intuitive individual, and send me an artist if you think I would be into it too.


Musical Influence

I’m one of those people who really values music that carries an interesting message. I like the kind of music that causes you to think in new ways that differ from the popular culture of society. One of my favorite artists because of this is TDE’s own Ab-Soul.

Ab-Soul is hella dope. Dude has a soothing flow to the beats of his tracks, and he always seems to carry beats that keep that head bobbing. If you haven’t guessed he is a Hip Hop Artist. He’s part of this new generation of rappers who are interested in the power of the psyche and the makings of society. Some people that come to mind in this genre that truly spread messages is fellow Black Hippy rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Mick Jenkins, members of Pro-Era; Joey Bada$$, the Underachievers, the late Capital Steez, Chance the Rapper, and a few others. This group of rappers, all with a dope flow, convey a message of a belief in living their life under a  corrupt system, the aspect of useful psychedelic experiences, wanting to live in a world without oppression, but they do love their women. Rappers like Ab-Soul interest me highly. He understands the importance of educating society, which he does through his music, where he talks about specifically educating his people, black culture.

In my own personal, unbelievably biased opinion. Ab-Souls album Control System which came out in mid 2012, is one of the most intellectually thought out hip hop albums of all time. The dude is one of the few outspoken in the musical industry that is unafraid of speaking of the thoughts on his mind, the experiences he has, and the beliefs he holds. He also find himself talking about the standards of society, and the whole backwardsness of particularly American Culture, but it can relate for many audiences. One of his songs “Double Standards,” he tackles the topic of sexual deviance in popular culture. This lyrics come from one of the most passionate sections of the album where Ab-Soul belts out lyrics portraying the bullshit standards people hold for one another depending on gender. “See the moral of the story is, she a ho, he a pimp.” He disagrees with a common belief that sexually active men are superior to sexually active women, who are ridiculed while men are praised. He also brings up moments of his past where his aunt taught him to treat ladies right. But his uncles was in his other year teaching Soul to be a Mac and only give the women love for one night. Read More

Intuition Zone Review

Welcome everyone.

Here at Intuition Zone Review, we’re going to be talking about the world’s intellectual spirit. What is your life truly composed of? Do you understand the world around you? What do you believe in? Why?

Do you know the circumstances of your life. Do you feel liberty?

When something major happens in the world, do you react, or do you ignore?

Do you like to increase your intellect?

Here at Intuition Zone Review you will be a part of a philosophical group discussing the world’s current events.

Stay tune for the first installment in the next 24 hours.