Feel the Vibrations

People are talking, we are making wind out here. Every ear that is open to new ideas, or eyes that can see what you put in front of them changes the game for us all. If we are going to make any continuation on the progress we as an underground society, we need to get more people in on it. These latest rounds of political news are causing people to tune in. The Panama Papers, more news on Edward Snowden (his interviews, movies, and political figures talking about him), and these recent political elections have certain people in a frenzy, while others are completely ignorant to the world’s doings around them. 

These are the one’s who need to be informed. Social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook are erupting with trending tweets revolving around these topics. But, there are a vast amount of people on these outlets who either don’t pay attention, or don’t have friends that are posting things as such. We need to inform these people. The best way to get people in the know is at least provide them with some very significant evidence of something you think that they should know and would effect how they carry out their lives.

The more somebody at least hears a point, the more likely the will give the slightest thought to it and perhaps do some research of their own or be more open minded. That is all we can hope for, because the other side is ramping up arms, reading to fight to keep their strength. Let’s all help contribute to the free thinking that many of us possess and spread it to our friends, our loved ones, even our enemies, and most importantly, strangers.

What do you have to say?


Chester Sylvestors

3 thoughts to “Feel the Vibrations”

  1. I feel like most people wouldn’t know what to do with all this information about corrupt politics or how money works. I feel overwhelmed the more and more day by day I hear more shit on this stuff. The problem with the internet is that it can easily be shut down at any time by the system so using social media outlets like twitter and Facebook would be useless to try to bring attention to the masses of people. People need to be in person with a movement that would shift the way of the system. Not everyone is on the internet but being in person and moving towards a workable goal is something that can be done but it will take a lot of work.

    1. You know Tim, I gotta disagreee with your opinion of social media outlets. While the system certainly does have control of these markets, if people are willing to put their name on the line for the sake of spreading their knowledge with the uninformed, then more power to them. I think the more people in the know, the better chance we have at upsetting our masters and staging a true uprising and role reversal. There are too many people not in the know to have to reject certain sources for spreading knowledge. We must spread it wherever we can. Thanks for coming through Tim.

  2. Educating the masses about the Panama papers and Edward Snowden is a very tough feat to accomplish,after all he is wanted in the states for treason. The media and especially social media wants to stay away from these touchy subjects without a doubt. As for rounding up groups of people to stop and alter what is currently going on in the system and government is a totally different objective that would take years of hard work by brave individuals. You got to also think that the public doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by the paranoid conspiracy theorists that flood the internet with endless information pointing to interesting, corrupt behavior. The whole anonymous movement on the internet is designed to bring out the secrets so people can understand and see what’s going on in the real world today.

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