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I have been quite busy listening to Terence McKenna talks. I had a hard tribulation that I’ve been dealing with these last few weeks, and I needed somewhere to put my mind. I found this website where over a hundred hours of Terence McKenna talks are located for download. I have been primarily listening to the Tree of Knowledge talks and pondering my life, human existence, and basically just been having quite a few existential crisis’s. It’s been a wild trip in my mind, and I kind of enjoy being so erratic with my thoughts. I hope to clear up some discrepancies in my mind and get more level headed. But I do suggest you guys check out some of his talks and see if it hits home with you!



Click this link to see what is available. I highly recommend the Trees of Knowledge talk to get a completely different perspective on what you believe your life is.



Chester Sylvestors

3 thoughts to “Terrence Talks”

  1. Terrence Mckenna is a big proponent of drugs like LSD and Shrooms. I’ve heard a lot about him having crazy thoughts on life an what were suppose to do on earth, I’m definitely checking out the gallery of talks he has. I know he’s famous for saying, “Tune in, tune out, and drop out.” Or something like that, seems like a smart guy, anyone who teaches or has taught at UC Berkeley has my respect.

  2. Honestly if Terrence was a president or someone in a position of power what do you think would change in the world? I would be very interested to find out what his motives and objectives of a political system would be. Obviously he’s not after money in the world or else he wouldn’t be a college professor. It’s too bad Terrence died young because I have a lot of question I feel he would be able to answer. He is definitely a modern day philosopher and seems to pose very intriguing questions and conclusions about the world and how it’s created. He seems to talk a lot about shrooms effecting us in ways that are in-imaginable, which I can see since our ancestor animals ate shrooms to grow there brains and evolve.

    1. I’m happy that his legacy is being spread through the young minds of today. Hopefully many of us can run with his messages.

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