You control you

I was recently catching up on a few of the artists I like. I am a big fan of the Pro Era label, the artists Joey Bada$$, The Underachievers, and Flatbush Zombies. It’s been a minute since I was completely entrenched in their works but recently, Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers both put out new albums, so I spent this last week listening to both a couple of times. And let me say, I was pretty blown away by their lyrical influence that they are bestowing on this generation.

These young men have all distinctly changed who they are and what they want to represent. They are profound advocates for peace and the inter-working of  the brain. I’m pretty psyched to be able to follow a couple of artists now that are into the same way of thinking as me. I didn’t think that these type of rappers were going to exist, but these guys believe they are indigo children. This is that they are a new evolution of people. But I think it has to do with the world that they have been raised in and their actions following.

This internet age has really empowered a lot of people, and more and more people are getting online and discovering lies that they once believed. I think this is what these artists are struggling with. They all seem like they have dealt with some sort of depression that ended up inspiring them to commit to a movement. Evidenced by lyrics like “locked up in my own mental prison/suicide on my mind no one listen.” But Issa has overcome this to put out a song for those who are going through the same type of shit.

One song in particular that struck me hard and got me thinking all week was “Illusions” by Underachievers. There is a cutaway in the song with a man talking. He says that we have lived our whole lives thinking that we have controlled it. Nobody else was thinking what we were thinking. Nobody has made the actions we have for the course of our life. But he says that we are not in control. There is no us to control. Nobody is behind the curtain choosing our life for us. Everything is happening biologically, our heart beating, our mind thinking, our muscles twitching, which is what makes this whole idea so complex. Then Issa drops this lyric “Who put the god inside you/ check inside your mirror/A nigga been connected to the source since placenta/Born in disaster, raised a master.” Now what does this mean. I interpret this as each of us are our own gods. We have been created by ourselves, and our biology is in control of us. Everything is biological influenced, and we learn to take reign of the controls of our lives.

I want everyone to have existential thoughts and think really deeply about what you are, how you come to be, where you will go, and what you want to do with what you know. Please, reach out to me, I love talking about these subjects.

Love, Chester



Chester Sylvestors

2 thoughts to “You control you”

  1. The whole concept of who we are and why were here has been tried at by many religions. That’s what angers me so much, people looking to religion as a way to find answers for questions that seem impossible to answer and make no real sense. Music and art in general consistently try to alter the way we think about the present state of things. Without bad things circulating art would boring as it is meant to bring people together in times of hardship and despair. Not everyone is going to like certain music as it can seem over the top or flat out weird. I remember listening to Kanye West’s songs about him being a god and just thinking to myself this is so stupid…I’ll have to check out Flatbush Zombies and the other artists to try and puzzle together what there talking about in detail.

  2. You have to really pay attention to music to be able to see the small connections to real world life shit. There are many other artists out there besides these guys that pose the same message. I find it ironic though how some people feel they should never follow the system and think on there own which is good but by listening to these artists your doing the complete opposite. It seems to me its just a huge contradiction. On one side of the table the few corrupt people in the world want to maintain and self-preserve themselves so no real threat comes into existence. I wonder if people should create a new genre of music centered around these real life philosophical type of concepts that effect our everyday life.

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