Who else is feeling ancy?

I’m looking around me and everyone seems stressed and in a rush. Especially during the 9am to 5pm time frame. In school, at work, everyone is putting off a vibe that they are on edge. Maybe it is because I am starting to feel that way too and I am more receptive of feeling it from others. The world is trembling, but so did probably every day else in history. We are all wrestling with the progression of humanity and the each and every new conscience that is added to the world. It is a lot for a single planet to bear. I love hearing from the growing number of vocal free thinking minds out there. I think the internet is a great communication source that is, for the most part free. I think it is time to move on to another way of communication though. It’s starting to feel a little tapped if you know what I mean. Lets keep the person-to-person communication open too. People aren’t talking to each other as much as they used to. I think their is a greater amount of fear between people, everyone is a stranger and people have now learned to expect the unexpected. Awareness is rising. Stay true everyone, true to what you believe. Keep an open mind, and raise that intuition.


Chester Sylvestors

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