Drink Clean Water

Recently, I have made a commitment to only drinking only fresh, purified mountain spring water, or water purified from an aquifer. My reason is based purely off what I have been feeling in relation to consistently drinking government supplied tap water.

After drinking tap water for much of my life, I always preferred the taste of bottled water compared to the tap. Then, I saw an article with the title of something like “(Country) acknowledges they have been overdosing the country on fluoride.” I’ve heard much of the fluoride speculation, and I know an excess of fluoride is bad for you, little did I know just how dangerous fluoride is. After reading the article it talked about how the (Country) wanted to put fluoride in the tap water long ago because it helped improve mouth hygiene and keep the teeth healthy. Then, toothpastes and many other products began incorporating fluoride into their product, and the (Country) was getting plenty of fluoride. Then I read about what can happen if you get too much fluoride. Much of the discussion was concerning what kind of damage fluoride can have on the human body. Some of this included organ damage, and other things. But what struck me the most was the damage fluoride can have on the brain. This, is the most important organ in the human body, and if the brain is getting damaged, this could be something that is unreparable for the rest of my life, so I knew how important this just learned fact was.

Once I decided to take the tap water out of my life, I began to notice how clear things began to feel. My thought process started to function immensely better, and I was able to slow down my brain processes to think clearly more often. Any time I returned to drinking tap water a little bit, my head would start to throb and I could tell my thought process was a little more eradic. I could definitely attribute some of this to thinking it was going to affect me, and my body was responding to what my brain was telling me. But I believe that the tap water was having a negative effect on my thought process, and I thought I would share this with you in case you are concerned about keeping your health intact for the remainder of your young or adult life. Here, I figured would be the prime place to start talking about brain health, and life health, especially if we are concerned with our thought processes.


Chester Sylvestors

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