Random Thoughts

Thought 1: “I took my dog for a walk at around 6 am. A few clouds in the sky. Two hours later, clouds began rushing and merging together to form a grey cover overhead. I talk my pup home, and by the time we walked through the door it was raining and lightning struck. My dog stood looking at me for a couple seconds with her tail tucked between her legs and the saddest look you ever seen staring back. She ran away to my bedroom screeching and whining. When I walked up to her and she was cowering in fear.

Does the dog think I caused the lightning? She sure acted like it.

This led to me some existential thoughts where I tried imagining what a dog’s life feels like. She was raised by me from a puppy. I don’t think she is communicating with other dogs, although there would be no way to guess. But she probably, no, definitely thinks I am her God. She might think that I created her, I create the food, I do it all. When the lightning struck and started raining, she looked at me with such anguish in her eyes as if to ask, ‘why am I doing this to her?’ It was of kind of a trippy thought, but I stared to figure a lot of people think this way.”

Thought 2: I could be learning more

“If I had more time and less responsibilities in my life. Going to a job every day makes me feel like my life is Ground Hog Day.” Friend


Chester Sylvestors

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