The Spider Web of Life

As a child, I was raised in a very religious household, and much of my upbringing was based on my family’s religious beliefs. Going to a religious school throughout the formative years of my life definitely had an impact on the my psyche. Deviant behavior was new to me, I didn’t really understand how to be mischievous until I was 8 years old saw my older cousin (15)  smoking with his very pretty girlfriend. Once I found out what they were smoking, I always had questions for him, for years.

“How does smoking make you feel?”

“Why do you do it?”

“Do you think differently after smoking?”

“Is it bad for you?”

And thank goodness for him, because he didn’t mind answering my curious little questions. By the time I was in Junior High School, I was very interesting in learning how to manipulate conversations with people based on the word choice I used. I especially used this often in my household to find out more of my parents views on society, and then I would compare that in my head to what my moral beliefs are.

By high school, I started to be a questioner. I was consistently challenging other people’s viewpoints on matter just to find out why they believe and think certain things. What startled me was the amount of people who didn’t really have opinions, they believed things “because that’s what they were taught,” “that’s just the way it is.” and “they’ve never had a reason not too.” These answers stunned me, and I came to a realization at around 14 years old that people don’t really critically think about their current life and what the whole grand scheme of it is.

It was at this point where I came in contact with my cousin again after years of absence. I spent a week with him at a cabin in the forest talking, but particularly listening to what he has learned over the years. I knew he had a wealth of knowledge that only experience could have given him. He was the type of person who, once he discovered the interworkings of society, he dropped out of college and began a life of trying to acquire wealth, to give himself time, to gain all the wisdom he desires. In doing so, he started to help his father set up a carpet cleaning business brought it from the ground floor to a well established business, I was so proud of his accomplishments, to the point where I started to soak in every word this guy told me. This led me to a late night discussion on parallel universes, also known as multiverses. For those who are unaware, here’s a little Youtube segment on multiple universes. Multiverse


Never hearing of such a concept before, I was in disbelief, and after some explaining, shock. Imagining this idea of their being an infinite number of universes, and an infinite amount of possibilities.

After breaking my mind open with this matter, I discussed the multi universe theory to a friend of mine. He has never heard of it, but he took the conversation in stride and we began just randomly discussing all of the possibilities outside our realm of understanding. What really got me was when we were talking about every decision we make in our lives, in another universe, another version of me changed that decision. This led to a Universe where all of us exist, but we are “spider versions of ourselves.

We then talked about how the multiverse theory has a lot to do with spiders when you get into a deep conversation about it. We hypothesized the multi universes as a giant spider web, with an infinite number of strands. Each decision made in life, leads you to another strand on the spider web. And every new decision, leads you to another adjacent strand of web. We were thinking that each strand of web was a different universe where we made a different decision.

This got trippy, and it turns it, became one of my favorite late night topics. If yall are interested, check out this little website explaining the theory, and see if you can raise the level of yours, as well as your friends intuition. Become aware of the possibilities. Fulfill your life. Stimulate your brain.



Chester Sylvestors

3 thoughts to “The Spider Web of Life”

  1. That’s crazy you started to question life essentially from the early age of 8 seeing your cousin smoke pot with his girlfriend. I can understand that though because humans often times learn from experience. You not going to know much about smoking weed unless you actually smoke weed, so that makes sense. I’m surprised you were able to finish that many years of private schooling and have not questioned the system. It’s an interesting analogy to see the world as a spider web of life or an abundant tree with different branches of life.

  2. I’m not sure if that was good for you to see your cousin smoke weed at such a young age because that would only spur curiosity about the drug. And I’m surprised you didn’t experiment with pot by middle school as it is the common age to start. Private schools I guess come in handy in that respect, really weeding out the misfits or bad kids from influencing your life. Questioning your life and surroundings is a very good trait to continue to pursue. As life moves on if you don’t question life and what it brings to you your living a lie and just enslave yourself even more with what society wants you to believe. Recognizing things for as they appear is easy but diving into the deeper dimensions of what symbols or ideologies stand for is a lot harder. Many people fail to understand why people are the way they are but it all starts with questioning the current state and concluding for yourself.

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