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One of the most mystical minded men of the human generation, Terrence McKenna was an outspoken enthusiast of the expansion of the human mind, and one of my personal heroes. A big advocate for learning of the true self, and the sense of being.

Terence spent much of his life thinking in search of finding meanings. He is completely out of the box in the way he is able to articulate his the thoughts that wrapped his brain. A particular talk that Terence McKenna that rocked my world was his “Stoned Ape” theory. Growing up I learned the theory of evolution pretty extensively, and I adore learning about the different lifestyles of all previous types of hominid creatures before us.

A year ago, when I first started learning about intuition I stumbled upon a talk about multi universes, with a discussion on a new theory of evolution as a recommended video. I watched it, and have completely become a Terence nut since then.

Maybe not a month after this, I was approached by a classmate looking for a friend who was looking for someone to use an interview subject for his class. Out of my kindness and curiosity, I offered myself up. He said we just need a 3 minute quick interview, so I decided I would like to talk about the newest thing on my mind. Looking through my old papers around my house, I came across this interview that took place, and I thought I would share it with you guys. Bear with me, I was in front of a large classroom and was fumbling a bit with my word choice.



I:Hey there O, we’re here to talk about the conscious mind.

C: Yessir

I: Is there a certain area of consciousness that you are particularly interested in?

C:The formation of it actually.

I: Oh yea, so what would some of these concepts that you could share with us, that drive your curiosity?

C: I became fascinated with the idea of a sentient being ever since I discovered something called “The Stoned Ape Theory.

I: Stoned Ape Theory? Now can you explain what that is?

C: Well I, the man behind the idea was the late great Terence McKenna. It begins with the desertification of  Africa 100,000 years ago. The Homo erectus was forced from their tree-filled forests and out to roam the deserts in search of food. He believed they followed herds of cattle, whilst also eating some of the dung that hung around after the cattle. This is the site of where psilocybin mushrooms grew, and these early homo erectus began incorporating it into their diet.

I: Now for those who don’t know psiolcybin is one of the active ingredients in what most people know as “magic mushrooms.” So what kind of effect did the psiolcybin have on these early ancestors or humans.

C:Well McKenna hypothesized that low doses of psilocybin actually increased the visual acuity, and those hat ingested the mushrooms became better hunters than those who didn’t.

I: It didn’t stop there did it?

C: Nope, once more of these inter species began consuming larger amounts, they had more food, were more sexually active and becoming more sexually reproductive.. The larger these shrooming populations grew, they tighter a community they formed, and it’s believed the mushrooms held promote this sense.

I: Wow, so these early humans were forming a congregation?

C: Precisely, McKenna argued that the psilocybin triggered activity in the language forming portion of the brain, manifesting music and visions. McKenna believe psilocybin mushrooms were an evolutionary catalyst from where language, imagination, art, religion, philosophy, science, and culture springs from. All of which makes us distinctively human.

I: Interesting stuff, thanks for dropping that load of knowledge on us. I’m sure many of us will be thinking about our roots a little more today. Back to you guys in the studio.

So what do you guys think, have you had experience with any Terence McKenna videos? If not, you should definitely check him out, one video is surely going to get you hooked, and you’ll become a mind-freak like the many of us here at

Here is a youtube audio clip of Terence’s theory of the Stone Ape. Enjoy 🙂




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