Who do you like that you think I would be into?

A couple of my favorite artists with favorite song include included:

Ab-Soul-Pineal Gland

Kendrick Lamar-How Much a Dollar Cost

Joey Bada$$-95 til Infinity

Capital Steez-Free the Robots

Chance the Rapper-Smoke Again (ft Ab-Soul)

Tyler the Creator-Sandwitches


Please contact me with an anonymous email. I think it is best for your identity to be secure, and I think it is a good idea for people to use random emails when contacting people via the internet. You never who is behind the other screen, and your identity is very important to your well being, be smart and keep it secure. Like I said in the Privacy Area of my site, we do not track you, and we go to zero extent to learn about any of the visitors of our website. This is just a website where you can see what other people are into, and if you share any commonality with me or anyone else. There are more people like you and I out there. We are all pretty normal people, we have just learned of the worldly circumstances and are looking for an outlet for normalcy. That’s why I run this site.

So yea, who do you guys like to listen to that is an intellectual and intuitive individual, and send me an artist if you think I would be into it too.



Chester Sylvestors

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