The Spider Web of Life

As a child, I was raised in a very religious household, and much of my upbringing was based on my family’s religious beliefs. Going to a religious school throughout the formative years of my life definitely had an impact on the my psyche. Deviant behavior was new to me, I didn’t really understand how to be mischievous until I was 8 years old saw my older cousin (15)  smoking with his very pretty girlfriend. Once I found out what they were smoking, I always had questions for him, for years.

“How does smoking make you feel?”

“Why do you do it?”

“Do you think differently after smoking?”

“Is it bad for you?”

And thank goodness for him, because he didn’t mind answering my curious little questions. By the time I was in Junior High School, I was very interesting in learning how to manipulate conversations with people based on the word choice I used. I especially used this often in my household to find out more of my parents views on society, and then I would compare that in my head to what my moral beliefs are.

By high school, I started to be a questioner. I was consistently challenging other people’s viewpoints on matter just to find out why they believe and think certain things. What startled me was the amount of people who didn’t really have opinions, they believed things “because that’s what they were taught,” “that’s just the way it is.” and “they’ve never had a reason not too.” These answers stunned me, and I came to a realization at around 14 years old that people don’t really critically think about their current life and what the whole grand scheme of it is.

It was at this point where I came in contact with my cousin again after years of absence. I spent a week with him at a cabin in the forest talking, but particularly listening to what he has learned over the years. I knew he had a wealth of knowledge that only experience could have given him. He was the type of person who, once he discovered the interworkings of society, he dropped out of college and began a life of trying to acquire wealth, to give himself time, to gain all the wisdom he desires. In doing so, he started to help his father set up a carpet cleaning business brought it from the ground floor to a well established business, I was so proud of his accomplishments, to the point where I started to soak in every word this guy told me. This led me to a late night discussion on parallel universes, also known as multiverses. For those who are unaware, here’s a little Youtube segment on multiple universes. Multiverse


Never hearing of such a concept before, I was in disbelief, and after some explaining, shock. Imagining this idea of their being an infinite number of universes, and an infinite amount of possibilities. Read More

Space Is Just A Think Strip Behind the Blue Sky

The blue shade of the sky is owing to Rayleigh dispersion. When light budges in the course of the atmosphere, a good number of the longer wavelengths go by quickly through. On the other hand, a large amount of the shorter wavelength light is soaked up by the gas molecules. The soaked up blue light is subsequently spread out in diverse directions. It gets dotted all about the sky. Any course you gaze, a little of this dappled blue light spreads to you. In view of the fact that you observe the blue light from all over the place above your head, the sky appears blue.A hazardous interval surrounds the Earth, truly as a perilous sea envelops a marine vessel. However the Earth does not have a tough steel framework to defend it against the threats of space; the framework of the Earth is a slender stratum of blue sky. At an altitude of around twenty kilometre, you can (in spite of everything) make out the Earth’s environment with your individual eyes, it is the blue sky that encloses the Earth in its course.
The atmosphere envelopes Earth and defends us by obstructing hazardous emissions from the sun. The atmosphere is a blend of gases that becomes slimmer till the time, it progressively gets to space. It comprises seventy-eight percent Nitrogen, twenty-one percent Oxygen and one percent additional gases.
The atmosphere is alienated into five sheets reliant on how temperature alters with altitude. The principal portion of the climate takes place in the primary sheet. The atmosphere is most substantial close to the exterior and becomes thin with altitude until it finally combines with space.
Ozone comprises three atoms of oxygen represented by O3, whereas the oxygen in the atmosphere that we inhale comprises two atoms of oxygen represented by O2.
Approximately ninety percent of the ozone in the atmosphere of the Earth is found in the territory known as the stratosphere.—-the atmospheric sheet between ten and thirty miles higher than the exterior of the earth..
Ozone and oxygen molecules in the stratosphere sop up ultraviolet light from the Sun, presenting a guard that puts off these emissions from going beyond the exterior of the earth. Although both oxygen and ozone jointly take in ninety-five percent to ninety-nine percent of the Sun’s ultraviolet emissions, just ozone successfully sops up the most vigorous ultraviolet light, referred to as UV-C and UV-B.
The ozone sheet would be quite excellent at its work of shielding the earth from excessive ultraviolet radiation provided human beings did not have a say in the course of action. It’s now recognized that ozone is damaged in the stratosphere and that several human-released chemicals like CFCs are expediting the collapse of ozone, consequently at present there are holes in our defensive protection

Money From Nothing

Where does money come from? How is money made?  These are two very interesting and mysterious questions most people never think of or know much about.  It’s very sad to live an entire lifetime not knowing what money is or how it’s created.  Money is important because our whole lives as humans on earth must rely upon this intriguing piece of paper.  In simple terms money is the standard object used in exchanging goods and services.  Essentially, money is the medium of exchange.  Before our time the barter exchange system was the medium of exchange.  For example, a farmer could sell three chickens for a cow.  Now although this is an example we can all understand that the barter system was ineffective because one good could be valued more than it should be.  People had to rely on word being the source valuing their goods.
Today the barter system is abolished and the fiat system is used.  In a fiat system, money is printed and assigned a value of dollars.  This seems to be a good system, but upon realization it is terrible with only one outcome; more and more debt.  Not too long ago countries would use the fiat system and have a precious like gold backed behind every dollar printed.  This in effect would stabilize the value of money but creating a set supply and demand.  President Nixon in 1971 took away the backing of gold for printed money in the US economy.  At that moment the Federal Reserve, the central bank used by the US government, would be allowed to print up as much money as humanly possible regardless of the country’s gold supply.   To give you a better understanding that would be like giving an alcoholic a free pass to go to as many bars as possible.  Money is simply created out of thin air by printing machines.  The difference between an American citizen printing up money in there basement and the Federal Reserve printing up money is the American is counterfeiting and the Fed is producing “monetary policy.”
It must be understood the Federal Reserve is not affiliated what so over with the US government other than acting as a single agency loaning money.  I really wouldn’t call it in agency rather a sole conductor of printed money loaned out in the world.  Now when this money is printed up and loaned to the US government a puzzling accounting equation emerges.  The Federal Reserve buys government bonds, or pieces of paper with a dollar value attached, while the government receives paper money that’s pumped into society.  A couple of weird things appear.  First, it is well known that the US money supply only has 3% of paper money circulating in the country.  That’s right you guessed it right, the other 97% of the money is electronic.  I didn’t know what to think of when I heard that at first.  That is an insane amount of debt owed back the Federal Reserve, that unfortunately never can possibly be paid back.  The second weird thing that appears from this whole exchange of bonds for money between the Fed and US government is the deadly weapon the Fed uses called interest.  Of course the Fed has to profit somehow between this exchange and they do so by means of interest.  Interest in the simplest terms is the cost of money.  When the Fed charges interest for the money they print they do so by controlling the contraction and expansion of money by means of raising and lowering interest rates.  The funniest thing about this whole process is how can one pay back the principal and interest without more money being printed to pay the interest?  The answer is no one is able to because it’s simply impossible.
Let’s say for example you want to open your own pool service company in Walnut Creek, CA, where I’m originally from.  You simply don’t have the money today to run the business.  So as all good business people are taught, you use leverage and obtain a loan from the bank.  In a very scary way you’re essentially gambling with the bank.  You basically tell the bank, “I’m so confident in my business’s ability to perform I will be able to pay back the principal amount and interest loaned.” That’s a risk all business people have to make and deal with on a constant basis.  But of course whenever money is involved profit is always glorified.  The biggest trick of the whole business risk is that if people don’t have money to spend on your business because they got laid off at work, how can you as a business owner pay for the interest?  It’s very scary and often times hidden very well from the country.  There many things to consider when you open a business or credit card.  The first is to ask yourself is what I’m obtaining a loan for going to produce cash on a monthly basis for me if the answer is no it’s probably not a smart idea to purchase it. The second question to ask yourself is do I have the funds or means of obtaining funds in case I’m not able to pay for the loan.  Money is something not to play with by any means.  Being smart, informed, and educated about the principles of money and where it comes from is crucial for any business or citizen that expects to thrive in an economy.  Watch your dollars and stay tuned!

Feel the Vibrations

People are talking, we are making wind out here. Every ear that is open to new ideas, or eyes that can see what you put in front of them changes the game for us all. If we are going to make any continuation on the progress we as an underground society, we need to get more people in on it. These latest rounds of political news are causing people to tune in. The Panama Papers, more news on Edward Snowden (his interviews, movies, and political figures talking about him), and these recent political elections have certain people in a frenzy, while others are completely ignorant to the world’s doings around them.  Read More

Terrence Talks

I have been quite busy listening to Terence McKenna talks. I had a hard tribulation that I’ve been dealing with these last few weeks, and I needed somewhere to put my mind. I found this website where over a hundred hours of Terence McKenna talks are located for download. I have been primarily listening to the Tree of Knowledge talks and pondering my life, human existence, and basically just been having quite a few existential crisis’s. It’s been a wild trip in my mind, and I kind of enjoy being so erratic with my thoughts. I hope to clear up some discrepancies in my mind and get more level headed. But I do suggest you guys check out some of his talks and see if it hits home with you!


Click this link to see what is available. I highly recommend the Trees of Knowledge talk to get a completely different perspective on what you believe your life is.


You control you

I was recently catching up on a few of the artists I like. I am a big fan of the Pro Era label, the artists Joey Bada$$, The Underachievers, and Flatbush Zombies. It’s been a minute since I was completely entrenched in their works but recently, Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers both put out new albums, so I spent this last week listening to both a couple of times. And let me say, I was pretty blown away by their lyrical influence that they are bestowing on this generation.

These young men have all distinctly changed who they are and what they want to represent. They are profound advocates for peace and the inter-working of  the brain. I’m pretty psyched to be able to follow a couple of artists now that are into the same way of thinking as me. I didn’t think that these type of rappers were going to exist, but these guys believe they are indigo children. This is that they are a new evolution of people. But I think it has to do with the world that they have been raised in and their actions following.

This internet age has really empowered a lot of people, and more and more people are getting online and discovering lies that they once believed. I think this is what these artists are struggling with. They all seem like they have dealt with some sort of depression that ended up inspiring them to commit to a movement. Evidenced by lyrics like “locked up in my own mental prison/suicide on my mind no one listen.” But Issa has overcome this to put out a song for those who are going through the same type of shit.

One song in particular that struck me hard and got me thinking all week was “Illusions” by Underachievers. There is a cutaway in the song with a man talking. He says that we have lived our whole lives thinking that we have controlled it. Nobody else was thinking what we were thinking. Nobody has made the actions we have for the course of our life. But he says that we are not in control. There is no us to control. Nobody is behind the curtain choosing our life for us. Everything is happening biologically, our heart beating, our mind thinking, our muscles twitching, which is what makes this whole idea so complex. Then Issa drops this lyric “Who put the god inside you/ check inside your mirror/A nigga been connected to the source since placenta/Born in disaster, raised a master.” Now what does this mean. I interpret this as each of us are our own gods. We have been created by ourselves, and our biology is in control of us. Everything is biological influenced, and we learn to take reign of the controls of our lives.

I want everyone to have existential thoughts and think really deeply about what you are, how you come to be, where you will go, and what you want to do with what you know. Please, reach out to me, I love talking about these subjects.

Love, Chester


Who else is feeling ancy?

I’m looking around me and everyone seems stressed and in a rush. Especially during the 9am to 5pm time frame. In school, at work, everyone is putting off a vibe that they are on edge. Maybe it is because I am starting to feel that way too and I am more receptive of feeling it from others. The world is trembling, but so did probably every day else in history. We are all wrestling with the progression of humanity and the each and every new conscience that is added to the world. It is a lot for a single planet to bear. I love hearing from the growing number of vocal free thinking minds out there. I think the internet is a great communication source that is, for the most part free. I think it is time to move on to another way of communication though. It’s starting to feel a little tapped if you know what I mean. Lets keep the person-to-person communication open too. People aren’t talking to each other as much as they used to. I think their is a greater amount of fear between people, everyone is a stranger and people have now learned to expect the unexpected. Awareness is rising. Stay true everyone, true to what you believe. Keep an open mind, and raise that intuition.

Drink Clean Water

Recently, I have made a commitment to only drinking only fresh, purified mountain spring water, or water purified from an aquifer. My reason is based purely off what I have been feeling in relation to consistently drinking government supplied tap water.

After drinking tap water for much of my life, I always preferred the taste of bottled water compared to the tap. Then, I saw an article with the title of something like “(Country) acknowledges they have been overdosing the country on fluoride.” I’ve heard much of the fluoride speculation, and I know an excess of fluoride is bad for you, little did I know just how dangerous fluoride is. After reading the article it talked about how the (Country) wanted to put fluoride in the tap water long ago because it helped improve mouth hygiene and keep the teeth healthy. Then, toothpastes and many other products began incorporating fluoride into their product, and the (Country) was getting plenty of fluoride. Then I read about what can happen if you get too much fluoride. Much of the discussion was concerning what kind of damage fluoride can have on the human body. Some of this included organ damage, and other things. But what struck me the most was the damage fluoride can have on the brain. This, is the most important organ in the human body, and if the brain is getting damaged, this could be something that is unreparable for the rest of my life, so I knew how important this just learned fact was.

Once I decided to take the tap water out of my life, I began to notice how clear things began to feel. My thought process started to function immensely better, and I was able to slow down my brain processes to think clearly more often. Any time I returned to drinking tap water a little bit, my head would start to throb and I could tell my thought process was a little more eradic. I could definitely attribute some of this to thinking it was going to affect me, and my body was responding to what my brain was telling me. But I believe that the tap water was having a negative effect on my thought process, and I thought I would share this with you in case you are concerned about keeping your health intact for the remainder of your young or adult life. Here, I figured would be the prime place to start talking about brain health, and life health, especially if we are concerned with our thought processes.

Book recommendation

Hey guys, just finished a book called Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their brain powers. It has definitely improved my memory dramatically, but it is because I have worked on it. Thanks to this book, it gave me the training exercises necessary to gain some brain activity.

The book begins with the author discovering the existence of “Memory Olympics,” where contestants will go at a variety of events to find out who showcases the best memory. Events included reciting poetry, reciting binary code, remembering names and faces, memorizing decks of cards, and many more.

After learning of this, he found a mentor who taught him the tricks of the trade, of which the author shares with the reader, as well as his experience in doing the same. The author became pretty successful in memorizing the thing he wanted to in his life, and now with the tricks he learned, he was able to share them with the rest of us.

It took me about a month to start picking up on the memory techniques and incorporating them in my life. And I’ll be honest, my memory was probably worse than the average bear. I had trouble remembering homework assignment,s my to-do list for the day, and what I had for breakfast an hour after I ate it. After incorporating these techniques, every area where I could try to remember something in my life has improved.

The techniques rely on the use of visual stimulation to increase brain activity, and it makes a lot of sense. Humans originally had to remember where the good food in forests were and where there were predators, not have to remember what was written on a notepad the night before. So the author teaches us how to use the brain we were given to our advantage.

Improve the intuition, strengthen the brain, live to your potential!


What is Intuition

Coming to this site, you likely have some sort of background on what intuition is and what it does for you. Steve Jobs described intuition as “more powerful than intellect.” Webster’s dictionary defines it as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” I like to think of intuition as knowing without knowing why you know it.

Your intuition is used for when you have to make a decision about something, and your mind knows what the right answer will be, and you will choose and do the right thinking without giving it much thought. Intuition is useful for people who are in a seat of power, as their intuition can lead them to goodness for their people, or down a road of treachery. It is important for a person in this role have a history of having good intuition.

A person with good intuition listens to their inner voices. When they see something happen, without thinking, they spring into action. Sort of when you have a gut feeling about something, listen to that gut feeling, it is your intuition speaking.

To ramp up your intuition, you must spend time thinking to yourself. You must work out the inner workings of your brain and find out what your mind or your unconscious desires are trying to tell.  Tap into your intuition and use it.

Dumb people talk about other people. Outgoing people talk about events. Intuitive people talk about ideas.

Spend some time with other like minded people, and talk about eachother’s ideas. This is a good way to get your mind thinking about the ongoing problems in your brain, and with the help of someone else, it may be easier to sort them out. And by working your brain and treating it like an exercise, you can increase your intuitive power. Experience is one way to increase it, knowledge from learning is another.

Do you have dreams? One way to follow those dreams is to listen to what your intuition is telling you. Your intuition is going to lead you to your dreams. Your mind knows what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Listen to yourself first before you listen to others. That is a very important key.

Be positive whenever you can. Don’t hold on to the negative ties of life. Thinking about the negative things are going to bring you down and cause your brain to think more and more about negative things instead of boosting yourself in poverty.


These keys I have shared with you will help to increase, as well as harness your intuition. Pay attention to your surroundings. If you give an organized thought to some of the ongoings around you, specifically through the media and movies, you will definitely be able to unravel some of the happenings of the world and be able to understand what is really going on here.

Until the next one, think on.

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Random Thoughts

Thought 1: “I took my dog for a walk at around 6 am. A few clouds in the sky. Two hours later, clouds began rushing and merging together to form a grey cover overhead. I talk my pup home, and by the time we walked through the door it was raining and lightning struck. My dog stood looking at me for a couple seconds with her tail tucked between her legs and the saddest look you ever seen staring back. She ran away to my bedroom screeching and whining. When I walked up to her and she was cowering in fear.

Does the dog think I caused the lightning? She sure acted like it.

This led to me some existential thoughts where I tried imagining what a dog’s life feels like. She was raised by me from a puppy. I don’t think she is communicating with other dogs, although there would be no way to guess. But she probably, no, definitely thinks I am her God. She might think that I created her, I create the food, I do it all. When the lightning struck and started raining, she looked at me with such anguish in her eyes as if to ask, ‘why am I doing this to her?’ It was of kind of a trippy thought, but I stared to figure a lot of people think this way.”

Thought 2: I could be learning more

“If I had more time and less responsibilities in my life. Going to a job every day makes me feel like my life is Ground Hog Day.” Friend